The war on elephants

I thought this was a very interesting read:

It covers aspects of elephant conservation that are often ignored in public discussion. Specifically, the article has a focus on Garamba NP in the DRC, one of the toughest places in the world for a conservationist to work right now. Elephants (rare hybrids between Forest and Savanna Elephants) here are being slaughtered by Sudanese and South Sudanese armies, the Lord’s Resistance Army, and nomadic horsemen in a bid to both harvest the valuable ivory and destabilize the park and local government. Only a small group of rangers and soldiers fight to preserve the park and its wildlife, which also includes Congo’s only Giraffes and Chimpanzees.

This article ends with a few lines worth thinking about:

“I think if you lose elephants you are saying something about the future of humanity.

If we can’t learn to live sustainably on Earth, if we can’t learn to share space with other creatures, what future is there for us in the long term?”

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