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I’ve made this blog for the purpose of sharing my thoughts and experiences on wildlife conservation and endangered species. Today, increasing numbers of species and habitats are threatened around the world, caught between explosive population growth and resulting economic expansion. While the consequences of climate change and pollution are well-known, biodiversity loss claims similarly far-reaching impacts while largely slipping under the radars of both scientists and the general public alike. Everyone knows of the plight of elephants and big cats, but beyond these focal species and their ecosystems, there is so much more to protect. Reduced biodiversity would translate into major impacts ranging from food and water quality issues to increased vulnerability to natural disasters and ecosystems. To ensure the survival of our own species on this planet, we need robust and healthy ecosystems – exactly that provided by effective biodiversity preservation.

The battle of wildlife conservation has been a strenuous one, wrought with difficulties and disappointments at every turn. In both the developed and developing worlds, brave conservationists fight to preserve remaining vestiges of the natural world – from restoring polluted salt marshes in the San Francisco Bay to literally waging war against highly armed poachers to save the last wildlife of the Central African rainforests and savannas. Sadly, for every success story, there is always at least one backfire. The American Bison, a majestic symbol of the American Prairie was slaughtered to near extinction in the late 19th century, but brave conservationists have restored this species to stable populations. At the same time though, the entire population of the Angel de la Guarda Deermouse has been finished off by one feral cat on an island in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez. Scientists estimate that dozens of species go extinct every day – and worse yet, almost all of this ecological damage has been built up over the last 200 years. One can only hope that today’s best efforts might have a fighting chance of restoring at least some of what has all been lost… I hope to use this blog as a way to join the millions of other conservationists and biologists around the world in their struggle to achieve just that and help give some Endangered Species increased hope in their last stand for survival.



One thought on “About The Blog

  1. Proud to be a conservationist & really feel honoured to directly playing a role in the fight against the extinction of the world most endangered antelope species – Hirola, Mahat – ishaqbini Manager.

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